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Gaspar Incze
Written by Gaspar Incze in Experiments
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Hi Rebels,

I'm working on the research of a global open-source initiative to help humanity to take action faster for good causes, and came across your website.
On the Join page, under Level 5 activist you suggest: "Hear trends and best practices. Learn about change strategies and successful revolutions."

What tools do you use to enable the international community to:
1. co-create/co-edit/rate/etc. trends, best practices, stories of successes and failures?
2. find each other - being able to filter to (sub)topics + availability + geolocation + level of engagement ?

What gaps and challenges do you have?

Your feedback would be appreciated!

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Hi Caspar,

Thanks for your message. Something that might be interesting for you to check out is these pages:

Let me know if this helps!

Cheers Ellen

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