The Art of Note Taking

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Hello ??

I genuinely hope you, your family and friends are doing well despite Corona.

Little note of caution: the following is kind of off-topic.

I'm sure many among you enjoy reading as much as I do; not only novels but mainly textbooks on topics such as Future of Work, Leadership, Motivation or even completely other issues. But, that's actually not what I'm interested in, to be entirely honest.

Usually, I take many notes, and in the last years, I have tried to optimize my approach to writing notes. In addition to this, I also want to make these notes accessible from everywhere, to have them well sorted so that I not only find the right notes quickly but also the matching sources. Thus, I've been working a bit on a side project over the last few weeks — due to much free time in quarantine — that helps me with my notes. In the first place, it was meant for me, but if it helps any of you since you have similar pain points, I would think about opening it. ?

Of course, I will gladly tell you more later, but I would like to hear your thoughts first without any bias. Have you found a way to deal with notes? Any secret templates, apps, recipes? I'd be thrilled if you could share some thoughts and experience! ?

Stay safe & healthy!

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