Brendan Hall, youngest skipper to win the hardest Yacht Race

Ascanio Colonna
Written by Ascanio Colonna in Bucket list
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As described in Team Spirit: Life and Leadership on One of the World's Toughest Yacht Races, Brendan turned a team of ordinary people in an organisation capable of achieving the impossible, racing in the most dangerous waters around the globe and winning the Clipper Race by the largest margin ever achieved.

He did so by creating a no-blame learning environment, where every member of the crew supported each other, and by removing himself from the picture: the paradox of the leader growing his team to the point he simply isn't relevant anymore.
That made it possible for him to save another crew off the coast of Japan, when their skipper was removed due to a bad fracture. He was able to abandon his boat to take charge of the other crew, with complete faith that his crew could endure one of the most dangerous legs in the race, across atrocious ocean weather, without him.

His story is inspiring, a story of illuminated leadership, in a living metaphor of business, but one where life and death are at stake.

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