Salary & Bonus Systems in a 'managerless' ecosystem?

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Hello Fellow Rebels,

I just had a fantastic conversation with Ellen at Corporate Rebels HQ about some challenges we are facing with moving towards a ‘managerless’ ecosystem.

For some context, we operate what we call our ‘team of teams’ whereby we have 7 small agile cross functional teams (maximum of 7 people per team). Each team has a team lead.

We have ‘tribes’ which are social groups of people who have a shared common interest group, e.g. SEO, where the tribes can socialise, share knowledge, best practices, attend meetups and conferences and generally geek out on things.

We have a mentor program, where everybody have someone whose job it is to support team members personal and professional development

Both mentors and team leads have no hierarchical connection and actually we have found it best if mentors are not from the same tribe.

We operate in weekly sprints and swarms, which are really cool and we do lots of retrospection to help us continue to organically improve.

We have retrospectives every week, every quarter and even after we have delivered some important piece of content. This is kicked off during our onboarding and new team members will have done at least 3 retrospectives before the end of their first week.

To be successful and thrive in our ecosystem you must be self-driving, you will not be successful if you need to be told what to do.

So, onto our current challenges, with our ‘managerless’ ecosystem, they are:

Salary Reviews
Bonus Systems (at team and ecosystem levels)

We have invested heavily in our culture and are looking for an experienced expert who can understand our unique culture and help advise and implement a salary and bonus system which complements it.

Any contacts or recommended reading (& viewing) would be extremely appreciated.

I am due to speak with Aaron Dignan (Brave New Work) tomorrow, so I will let everybody know his thoughts also.

Thank you for your time.

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