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Dear Rebels, I am coordinating the activity of a group of volunteers for the Reinventing Organizations Wiki

The idea of synergizing the wiki with other sources of inspiration like Corporate Rebels blog has raised a great deal of enthusiasm in our team.

We have started to add links to some of Corporate Rebels blog articles for Morning Star. We consider doing it for others cases since we already have articles also for Buurtzorg of course but also Patagonia, Zappos, Semco, Fitzii...

Now the wiki needs your help in order to link with other organizations so that we can document practices in the context of the wiki's short article illustrations and then point to Corporate Rebels articles for more details.

I am thinking for example of Spotify, Haier, Handelsbanken, W.L. Gore, Nearsoft, UKTV, David Marquet, potentially many from CR bucket list.

We are fully aware of the different approaches offered respectively in the 2 websites.
The Wiki articles principles are : Practical, concise and neutral in tone. This is a knowledge base for people looking for practical help in their journey.

Both sources are very different in style and approach, and also very complementary in what they bring to the world. I find it particularly inspiring to look for what is unifying these approaches, i.e. the intention to enable those who are considering this adventure to feel less alone ^^

So, in case your case and practices are of practical value to others in their reinvention journey, you can contact me by mail at so that we can work on this together, thanks !

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