Poll results: 92% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Are you one of them?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #7

92% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Are you one of them?

54,5% (No, cause I never make any resolutions anyway)
3,4% (Yes, I'm one of the first to abandon my goals)
33,1% (Yes, cause along the way my goals change and I simply adjust)
9,0% (No, I'm one of those rare people who actually achieve each year)

Total votes: 233

Each year we say we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions can go both ways. They can either promote and cause change, or leave you feeling disappointed. And it’s great to be optimistic, but resolutions are often unrealistic. People aim to break habits overnight. The problem is they often focus only on the end result and lose sight of the required steps. If you only focus on your resolution, you will more than likely be disappointed. Like any bad habit, change takes time and effort. What is it that you need to do to reach your end goal? How do you plan on succeeding this year?

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Few things that work really well for me (both for business related goals and others):
* accountability partners (friends to jointly reflect and keep track)
* regular reflection moments to reflect where I stand

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Onin Martin

Onin Martin

I never believed in New Year’s resolution because most often than not, we have thought about the habits we aim to change far out from the new year.

It could be that the full passion/urge to change may have already faded by the new year. Besides, why wait for a new year?

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Anks G

Anks G

If you ask me ?
I would say I am in that category of 100% who failed to keep up with my resolution even for a single day. but but but.. this year been like a magic , as if almighty himself sent it across me.

I have been taking New year resolution from last 3 years consistently. Unfortunately, could not keep it even for a single day in the last 2 years.

Lucky me.. This year been different.
Fortunately, I came across a really good survey on the 1st week of 2021 and its really helping me stay accountable.

My family is like - what the hell are you doing ? How come such dramatic change ?
and I simply respond back with a pleasant smile .

Let me share the link to that survey with you wonderful people. I believe if it can help a person like me, surely it has the potential to help any person. Smile

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