Expand the 'rebel movement' (e.g. to the field of education)?

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It may be a bit off topic, but I can imagine that other topics/fields (than corporate organizations) could also benefit from some 'rebels'. For instance, 'educational rebels' and/or 'economic rebels'. It may be interesting to apply your approach of reaching out to and interviewing many pioneers, sharing the lessons learned with the world, and starting a dialog online and offline. These fields are off course different, but 'make education more fun' would also be a great mission.

Do you have the intention to expand the 'rebel movement' (either yourself or under your wings) to other fields?

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Hi Paul,

I do agree that many other fields can benefit from some more rebellious thinking! We do not, however, at this moment have concrete plans to expand to other fields perse. But, we are always open to new exciting opportunities - and always willing to share interesting stories of rebels (wherever they are) from fields beyond business.

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