Poll results: How constructive is the feedback culture at your work?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #9

How constructive is the feedback culture at your work?
18,7% (Not at all)
49,3% (Mediocre)
25,8% (Pretty good)
6,2% (Bucket List material)

Total votes: 226

Well obviously, giving feedback still needs some work. But it’s not surprising, giving feedback is a delicate art. Candid feedback is one of the toughest aspects of building a progressive culture. Many people struggle to give helpful feedback. They find it hard to be critical because they are afraid of hurting the other person. To stay friends, team members keep the tough feedback to themselves. As a result the most valuable feedback is never given.

Is your workplace thriving and more successful because of effective feedback? Did feedback encourage your personal development? Did it help to increase your self-awareness? What are your main tips when it comes to giving feedback?

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I'd love to hear more from those companies and people who replied 'Bucket List material'!

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Me too :). I feel a guest post coming up!

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