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In July 2021 we will be opening a restaurant with the vision to operate sites around the UK and have a positive impact on food and employment inequality in the communities we serve. We were hospitality rebels with our last restaurant but that was one site and we were always there so we are wondering - can a restaurant group be run effectively by a group of empowered employees (who incidentally will own the business)? Is hospitality ready for us? On paper it looks great, it will rely on brilliant technology to connect us all and more importantly, training that supports us to manage conflict and resolve differences. Corporate rebels, as the title suggests, focuses on the corporate world but I guess we are hoping to be the Buurtzorg of the hospitality world. I would love to be pointed in the direction of any hospitality operation anywhere in the world that doesn't operate in a top-down, hierarchical and archaical manner! Thanks! Carly

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