Poll results: Are you being micromanaged at work?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #10

Are you being micromanaged at work?
12,9% (Yes, delegation is avoided)
20,3% (They try, but require reports for everything)
25,2% (Not really)
41,9% (Not at all, they trust us to do the right thing)

Total votes: 248

Great results, cause being micromanaged is exhausting and incredible inefficient. Micromanagement can be tempting, especially for new leaders. But in reality, it is bad for employees and bad for company productivity.

Were you a micromanager early in your career? How did you stop the behavior? Are you a micromanager trying to change? How are you overcoming your controlling habits? Or maybe you have been, or are still being micromanaged? What would you suggest to create a more pleasant work environment, improve productivity, and boost motivation?

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That is interesting because more of my personal and those professional contacts with whom I have discussed Corporate Rebels indicate to me a majority in the 'They try, but require reports for everything' category, a smaller number have said 'I work for control freaks' and some have simply given up and do what it takes because it pays the bills.

In my own experience, although there have been positive changes resulting from us all working at home, i.e. having to trust rather than wanting to, appraisals were introduced last year.

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