Risks of distibuted decision making

Written by Judy in Experiments
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Hi guys,
I would have a question about a dilemma I am facing many times since I have started to deal with the topic of progressive organisations. You may can help.
As we know, freedom and responsibility, distributed decision making and entrepreneurial mindset are the most important elements of progressive organisations.
But how can the management avoid the company descending into chaos or became the constant battlefield of rivalizing teams or individuals? I am asking, because based on my experience, in reality we never have enough resources for the implementation of every great idea, project or initiative. So I am curious, how can fairly prioritize a distributed decision making based organisation, when it comes to for ex two equally great ideas, both serving the company's best interest, but it has resources to implement only one of them. (Btw I always miss the limited resource dilemma from books about progressive organisations. :))
I guess the answer will be around the other factors of progressive organisations, but based on my experience of traditional ones it can be a bloodbath really quickly when teams just start to fight for the implementation of their own ideas and achievements without higher management prioritization or clear company goals.
As I am experimenting the progressive movement within my team, I would really appretiate some practical hints about this one. Thanks in advance, Judy

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