Poll results: Do you believe the gender pay gap doesn't exist in your organization?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #11

Do you believe the gender pay gap does not exist in your organization?
27,3% (No, it’s definitely there)
15,0% (Very slowly moving forward)
10,0% (Quickly closing in)
21,2% (Yes, there is no gap)
26,5% (No idea, there’s no transparency around this topic)

Total votes: 260

Although it’s good to see that there’s absolutely some progress in closing the gap, there’s no need yet to think that the gender pay gap doesn’t exist.

The gender pay gap is a result of many factors and a complex issue that will require powerful and inclusive solutions. Too bad salary is still a taboo topic in most workplaces, cause transparency could be one of the top solutions closing the gender pay gap.

What are your experiences and thoughts?

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