Poll results: How is your organization balancing purpose and profit?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #13

How is your organization balancing purpose and profit?
29,0% (100% profit over purpose)
20,5% (At a crossroad, slowly shifting)
34,7% (Purpose is on par with profits)
15,9% (100% purpose over profit)

Total votes: 178

Not bad at all. As the global conversation around capitalism is changing, more and more businesses are focusing on a strategy to balance profit and purpose. And that seems like a wise move, cause research shows that companies with a moral purpose are considerably outperforming their peers without one.

Purpose-driven companies provide employees with a clear sense of direction and inspire them to go that extra mile. Their employees are much more engaged, and they attract and retain more talent.

A moral purpose also adds customer value and creates a deeper connection with customers. Many customers today make decisions based on how companies treat their people, the environment, and how they support the communities in which they operate.

Are you working for a purpose-driven company we all need to know about? Or do you know one we definitely should check out?

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