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I'm looking to implement transparent salaries, which would lead onto a self-set model in the future – but want to be able to sell this to the team and ensure everyone's on board. Salaries are often seen as private & sensitive and although the majority aren't against this, there are a few concerns.

Can anyone help with additional benefits, or case studies (particularly around engagement / trust % increases etc.)?

I've spoken to various companies recently such as Smarkets & Ian Martin Group, and know of companies such as Happy, Buffer, 10Pines etc. but any others with great stories would be good to connect with.


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Alicia Medina

Alicia Medina

I have collected several examples from "does" here in Sweden and some international from very remote places.
Those are presented in our coming book TEAL.TRUST. TRANSPARENS that is in Swedish. Send a PM and we can share some of those.

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Jane Ginnever

Jane Ginnever

In my experience (as a HR lead and helping organisations enable self-management), the key to making pay transparent is making pay decisions transparent and fair.

That process of (openly) reviewing how you make pay decisions is also a really great way to include people throughout the business in co-creating a system which is seen to be fair and that everyone feels ownership over.

Happy to chat if that's useful.

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