Poll results: How progressive is the decision-making process in your organization?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #16

How progressive is the decision-making process in your organization?
29,5% (Not at all)
39,5% (Mediocre)
22,6% (Pretty good)
8,4% (Bucket List material)

Total votes: 190

Knowing that much of the frustration in today's workplaces is linked to the way decisions are made, overall this is not a very positive result.

People at the top of the organization with the most decision making power are the farthest away from the actual work that’s being done. At the same time, people at the bottom of the organization often don't have the authority to make decisions on their own. The result? Ill-informed, slow and terrible decisions that are made in a process that frustrates everyone involved.

There’s definitely not one right way to make decisions. What works well in one organization doesn’t necessarily work in another. Finding the right process is a powerful way to become a better workplace. And if you want everyone to be fully engaged at work? Allow, and require, everyone to make decisions.

Are you working in a place where everyone is making decisions? We’d love to hear a successful transformation story, tips, tricks and experiences.

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