Poll results: Do they hire for culture and train for skills in your organization?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #19

Do they hire for culture and train for skills in your organization?
7,8% (Don't really know)
8,6% (Skillsets and experience only}
42,2% (Skills, qualifications, and personal beliefs and values)
18,4% (Culture-fit trumps skills)

Total votes: 216

Not bad at all. While skillsets and experience are important when hiring new members for your organization, you better make sure that your new hires are organizational fit as well. A culture mismatch can easily cause employees to quit early.

Plus, Millennials and Gen Z (who make up nearly half of the full-time workforce in the US/UK and Europe) want a good culture fit. They want to work for companies that share their values and want to feel like their work has a purpose and makes a difference.

But winning the war on talent does not stop with a big pile of applications. It’s crucial to select the best candidate. Find some powerful ways to do just that in this old blog: How To Recruit Like The World's Most Progressive Organizations: https://corporate-rebels.com/recruitment/

Do you have any tips or experience on hiring for culture? Or being hired for culture and skills? Feel free to share your them in the comments!

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