Poll results: Are you ready to go back to work after your vacation?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #23

Are you ready to go back to work after your well-deserved vacation?
25,2% (No, it makes my stomach churn)
13,8% (Vacation? Burried in e-mails and can't remember)
35,4% (Yes, but already planning my next break)
25,6% (Yes, I'm excited to be back!)

Total votes: 274

No one wants to think about emails, meetings and deadlines during or right after a break, but going back to work is inevitable. And with a little planning and some solid ground rules you can ensure work doesn’t pile up in your mind or on your desk while on vacation so you’ll be able to survive your first days back without having a mental burnout.

So great to hear over 60% of you is happy to be back at work. However, over 25% of you dread returning to work after a well-deserved break, and almost 14?el like they need a vacation from their vacation. That’s actually pretty bad. Feeling a little wistful is normal, but if it feels more like intense dread you better ask yourself if your work isn’t the problem.

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