Poll results: What do you expect from your career?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #24

What do you expect from your career?
2,6% (A promotion)
68,3% (Satisfaction)
4,0% (A raise)
25,1% (Everything above)

Total votes: 237

Great result!

A typical career lasts 80.000 hours – so you better make sure you are doing something you like.

Your career should fit in with the rest of your life. Of course for most of us work is a necessity, it’s a way of paying bills and affording the occasional vacation. But beyond these basic necessities, finding meaning in your job is crucial for motivation, engagement and limiting absenteeism.

After all, satisfaction with your job is important to your happiness, providing a sense of purpose in your life, contributing to your individual performance, and is also a nice addition to an organization’s performance. What do you think? Do you agree? What do you expect most from your career?

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