Help wanted: implementing a new HR-cyclus

Written by Nicole in Transformations
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Hi all!
We are going to implement a new HR-cyclus at a SME and we need some help!

Before, there was no HR-cyclus, no performance reviews or anything like that. Since we are implementing a new e-learning platform and we would like to motivate our employees to really be actively engaged with their development, we want to stimulate that by connecting the learning platform with a new HR-cyclus. By offering these new things, we want to improve our employership.

But the thing is, we want to keep it all very positive, and a 'performance review' sounds already quite 'judgemental' and we want to stay away from that. Does anyone have some 'cool', modern ways to describe your HR-cyclus and your terms of employment? There are mostly students working at our organization so we would like to keep it 'fresh'!

Thanks in advance!

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