Getting Trustees to change!

Graham Gardiner
Written by Graham Gardiner
- 1 min read

I'm CEO of a charity based in Lambeth, London. It's a traditional hierarchical organisation.

We are restructuring to revolve teams of frontline workers into neighbourhoods, and getting workers from our current services to work together differently. The longer term goal is to create a network of self managed teams. We're taking our time so that teams can start the conversations about self management. So far so good!

The challenge is my board, and my trustees. They haven't got the idea that they also need to consider whether their current ways of working are appropriate for either 2020 or indeed to serve our beneficiaries.

Has anyone done any of this kind of change work before? What kind of shape etc did you end up with?

Almost by definition, trustees are reluctant to change their modus operandi, with the statement, What would the Charity Commissioners say, ringing in their ears!

Any clues, anyone?



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