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Hi all,
In my company not everything is running smoothly, the usual, lots of bureaucracy, no trust and transparency, top-down decisions and big ego's and blindness for what's going wrong at the top. To get the highest layer of management out of their bubble (they believe they're doing good), I suggested to do an anonymous survey with all employees, which surprisingly they thought was a good idea. The big risk now is that they will ask questions without risks, hence my post, what questions do you think they should ask or does anyone has a good set of questions or template of a good survey that can be shared ? In a perfect world, the results could show them reality, open their eyes and this could be the start of a change, at least that’s my (naïve ?) hope.

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Hi arbogast,

What do you mean with "The big risk now is that they will ask questions without risks"?

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Hi Pim,

What I mean is that they might compose their questions that way, they don't risk to get the answers they don't want to hear. If they keep it vague, too general, only with multiple choice or too precise, like "do you think the company has taken correct measures with the COVID-19 crisis ?". Main goal of this survey should be to really catch the discontent there is and make the management realise there is a need for change. Posing the correct questions wold be the good start.

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You can get some inspiration from the three questions that are used in the NPPS approach (https://corporate-rebels.com/performance-promoter-score/):

- How likely is it that you would recommend our way of working to a friend or a colleague? (score from 1 to 10)
- Why did you provide the rating that you provided?
- What would it take to raise the score just by one point?

The answer to those questions might give you some valuable data.

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I have the opportunity to work with something very similar, we are thinking about sharing these questions with the company:
1- I do my best work when…
(In what conditions do you achieve “flow” (where, when, how)?)
2- I respond well to…
(Behaviors that help you achieve your best.)
3- People say I am good at…
(Strengths you bring to the team.)
4- I know I need to work on…
(Weaknesses you want to develop.)
5- I do not respond well to…
(Behaviors that inhibit you from achieving your best.)
6- People often misunderstand…
(Things you do that people misconstrue.)
7- The reason I come to work…

Now we are considering adding the questions from the NPPS approach.
Feedback is always appreciated.

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Sarah Pettinger

Sarah Pettinger

If you want to try and get to the heart of what people are really feeling about the company then open questions like 'What am I not saying that needs to be said?' and 'What am I saying that's not being heard?' have been really helpful for us.

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Thanks for the replies Sarah, Carlos and Joost

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