Poll results: How likely would you recommend your way of working to others?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #2

How likely would you recommend your way of working to others?
6,2% (No chance at all)
13,5% (Not likely)
33,8% (Likely)
46,5% (Very likely)

Total votes: 266

What do you think about this distribution? What does it tell you? Why do you recommend your way of working? Or what would need to change? What makes your organization different or stand out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Not bad at all, I'd say! Nearly 80% likely or very likely to recommend, that surprising me to be honest. Good work though!

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Nico van Melick

Nico van Melick

What does this result say about "our way of working". To what extend is this the 'rebellious' way and to what extend the old-fashion "I'd like to free up my mind but am a little stuck in the structures" kinda way.
Personally I'm in the middle of this dilemma. I try to work with, lead, and coach empowered, proactive people. Be open etc... However 2 years ago I got a "this is not how we work here" score on my annual performance review. That's why I am happy I work now in a company as 'free agent' and this new company is open for this new style. Albeit that there is a big chunk of "this is not how I am used to work here" attitude but I see change, I see progress, I see opportunities.

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Maybe it's more a result of the personalities who answered this question? If you are more the dominant, self-reliant, consulting-type person, you think your way to work is as good you have recommend it to others. If you are an interested, motivated but more reserved person, you are not as much convinced that your way to work is also good for others. I thnk it's always dangerous if somebody thinks thats his way to work is also the best for others. That really depends on the personal situation of the other.

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I tend to agree with Ueli and I dare to add: it depends on your seniority, company's culture, openness with people you work with. I am the oldest person at a company I moved 1 year ago, and the only woman...sometimes when I take a stand people look at me as I was from another planet:=)...and maybe I am... but I do not get disturbed about it.
When you work for more than 30 years you probably are very secure with the way you work and how you do it, but it can be seen as "old fashioned" even if it isn't. So, tips, tricks and help is something natural, but it can be understood as an oppressive attitude. This can limit your creativity, inhibit spontaneity and get you insecure. I would say company's culture has an important impact on it.

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