Poll Results: What is your work-from-home preference after Covid-19?

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Here are the results of the poll in Newsletter #3

What is your work-from-home preference after Covid-19?
1,8% (0% chance, not for me)
14,5% (20% home - 80% office)
35,8% (50%-50%, fair share)
47,9% (80% home - 20% office, only if strictly necessary)

Total votes: 503

The current crisis provides an opportunity for organizations to rethink how we work. The vast majority of the voters want to continue to work remotely when the crisis is over, but not everyone’s happy.

How do you really feel about working from home? What challenges are you facing? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? What would need to change? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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At first I hated it. Home was private. WorkingatHome was ugly, and definitely not the way things should be. I felt guilty too.
Now I feel good about working at home. I feel that I am more mindful, more attentive when I am on webconf or callconf or on phone. I feel like an hour is sixty minutes and not something that slips faster than it should. I feel I can focus on things that are important to me, on subjects that create added-value. I can organize my time without having people interrupting me. My worlife is more serene, more balanced.

But I feel that we - as a non-rebel organization - focus on things that comfort us, on newtonian and cartesian processes that somehow reassure us as a company and soothe individual's egos darkened by fear.
I felt puzzled too : I heard a support manager (support team like Finance, Purchase, HR, Cmmunication..) saying 'with at-home-working, people are less productive, we are working worse than ever'. I just asked hiw how he measured productivity before lockdown & at-home-working, and how he measures now. He didn't answer, cause he just didn't measure anything before and now. No indicators, no figures, no numbers, nothing. I told him it was HIS feeling, he might be right, but he could be wrong too, but maybe it was just his fear and his ego.
I feel amused by my colleagues who are completely disoriented. I listen to them and I try to help them sometimes. Some people around me need stronger social interactions.

I would tell my bosses simple things : Just let those who want keep on working from home. Advantages outweigh the disadvantages for us. Don't force things. And trust us. We won't ruin our business.
Rebelliously yours,

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