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The Corporate Rebels community is a global group of people interested to make work more fun.

One of the aims of this community is to connect like-minded individuals. Take a minute and share a bit about who you are, what you do, and what you’re hoping to get out of this community.

Welcome to the community!

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Hello all you rebel peeps.

Whether through the work I do with my partner at the small creative agency we created, or alongside people that are also exploring how we approach the wicked problems of our time, I am mostly found writing, networking, designing, reading, and enquiring into what it looks like to live a life that is whole, purpose-full, and very much me.

I am at my happiest when helping actualising new ideas into something impactful and real. I also love new ventures and collaborations, and get stupidly excited by unexpected solutions and ideas being actualised through grounded and imaginative solutions, determination, courage, and curiosity.

As a natural systems thinker, I spend a lot of time observing and investigating human and group dynamics, and am fascinated by what tools and systems groups and organisations can utilise to make them an environment that serves the human spirit and enables good things to happen.

But also, the place where I find myself, is a letting go of particular ideas of myself, and what I do, and where I'm going. Instead, I find that what's settling for me is a relationship with life that is much less structured and focused on absolutes or what things may look like, and instead is fluid and open. The person I am today, doing the work I'm doing, feeling such energy and creativity and focus in the areas I'm currently in; I couldn't have imagined it even a year ago. Life is opening up in new and very sweet ways.

I've been really drawn to the attitude and focus of Corporate Rebels for some time, and in this forum space (thank you for creating it) I am mostly here with curiosity about what can unfold within this new community space; whether learning, or new friendships, or new opportunities for me to be doing more of the work that fulfils me.

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Hi, my name is Ellen.

Happy to say that I have been working at Corporate Rebels since September 2018.

My focus is researching progressive organisations to see how we can all learn from them.

I am also responsible for organising Rebel Events. We try to have one a month in a city that could be anywhere in the world - to share what we learn. It is wonderful that at Rebel Events it is not only us sharing but also those people attending who work in progressive ways and to best practice.

Happy to see the Forum up and running now. Hope this will be a pond for sharing - with the goal to make work more fun!

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