Help needed: How to celebrate better?

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Hi all,

At Corporate Rebels we regularly set ourselves new experiments to improve our way of working.

One thing that we're pretty bad at is celebrating our successes. Instead of taking a moment to celebrate, we move on quickly to other challenges.

So, now we want to set up an experiment to improve this (and to figure out what works for us). Therefore we are looking for a list of cool ways to celebrate successes.

Any ideas and tips to share?

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I think the most important thing is to take the time and let the moment work its magic before you rush to the next goal. Whether you open a bottle of champagne, have dinner together, or whatever is, in my opinion, somewhat secondary.

In the last months, we had numerous deadlines for different launches in different markets, the countdowns of which can be viewed one after the other on a website. As soon as a countdown has passed, it first shoots confetti for 24 hours, and the countdown remains at 0. Only the next day, after having enjoyed the moment, the new countdown starts.

It is undoubtedly a very basic example, but it shows that it is essential for us to pause. I have learned that it is easier to change behaviour than attitude. So we let the countdown rest clearly for all to see.

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Nice approach. And the 'taking the time' part is definitely the hardest (for us).

For a while, we've started experimenting with a Friday afternoon celebration/fuck-up/appreciation session. Briefly, everyone discusses their main achievements and fuck-ups. We end with a round of appreciation towards others to recognize the good stuff they did. It's not only a good moment to pause and reflect, but also a good end of the week and relaxed start of the weekend.

But I like your idea of the website countdown remaining at 0. We might try something like that as well in an alternative way to take even a bit more time to let the achievement sink in.

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