Live from London: keynote presentation 29/10/2019

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Tonight during the presentation at City and Guilds we are discussing how (1) to put purpose before profit and (2) talents and mastery above fixed job descriptions.

Let us know if you have any questions on these topics you would like to ask Pim. Or, share your ideas with the community!

Drop your questions and comments
below 👇🏼

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Great to share the story with various organizations big and small. Regarding the topics we discussed, check out the "purpose & values" and "talents & mastery" sections on the 8 trends page:

Also, make sure you check out the cases on Patagonia ( and Buurtzorg (

Any other questions or comments, please shoot. I'm more than happy to help and ready to answer them over the next few days.

Thanks for the lovely event!

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Loved your talk guys! Can you share information about the manufacturing companies you mentioned during the Q&A? Very interested to learn more.

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Thanks Lisa, happy to hear you liked it.

I briefly mentioned Chinese manufacturing company Haier ( and the Spanish group of pioneering companies NER Group (

For more examples, check the Bucket List page on this website and select "manufacturing" from the drop-down menu to filter on those.

Also, if anybody wants to receive yesterday's slides, reply here with your email address.

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