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Derek Winter
Written by Derek Winter in Practices

At my organisation we're revisiting our paid parental leave policy, particularly in the context of fathers/secondary carers. I'd be really interested in examples of what other organisations in Australia offer their employee's in terms of paid parental leave. Length of time, timeframe after the baby is born/adopted within which it's able to be taken, taking full time vs. part time, any constraints as to whats allowed, whats not allowed etc.

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Hi Derek,

Did you know about Patagonia ( and their parental leave and onsite day care?

And one of the most generous ones we've come across is Spotify - with 6 months of fully paid parental leave. More info here:

And check out this overview:

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VERSA in Melbourne is doing great stuff in this domain as well, as we heard from them this summer. You can read about it here:

"From extensive parental leave packages and paw-ternity leave, to 3pm walks as a whole office and resident office dogs, VERSA is paving the way with “break-through” HR innovations.

“So, we’ve just come up with a new fabulous maternity, paternity and — dare I say — pawternity policy throughout the agency,” Clow says.

Its new paid parental leave policy offers the standard government parental leave period with an additional 16 weeks paid leave. Benefits for all new parents include a $1,000 Baby Bunting voucher, a dedicated cleaner, meal services, free nappies and flexible back to work working arrangements."

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