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Hello everyone! My team is looking to revamp our yearly performance review process. Does anyone have any templates, techniques or examples that work for them? What we struggle with is having a clear way for people to understand the metrics they are being measured by and having an artifact to speak to that, so that it is actionable and trackable for the following year. Any thoughts?

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How about assessing them based on the purpose and values of the organization? Letting their peers assess them on these topics? The Belgian ministry of social security does that well on values (

Or simply moving towards the "stop, start, continue" approach used by among others Netflix (

And here's how Buurtzorg and Handelsbanken do it:

Soon we will also publish on Haier's way of doing this.

Is this of any help? I would also be curious to learn more from others as we often encounter this problem in traditional organizations too.

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