High Performing People and Effective Performance Management

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I’m currently undertaking an exercise as part of my current studies to identify the different approaches organisations take in regard to high performing people and effective performance management. Please, would you share your experiences by answering one, two or all four questions by commenting below? I will respond and encourage others to contribute and share good practice.
- How is high performance defined in your experience/organisation?
- How is high performance identified/measured in your organisation?
- How are high performing people managed?
- What performance management process exists in your organisation and does it support high performance?
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Not sure this is helpful for you Ben, but let me share how we do these things internally at Corporate Rebels.

We don't define high-performance very clearly. To break it down, here's how we get a sense of each other's performance.

- Based on the strategy, each person sets goals every month for the upcoming month. So, based on your roles you define what you want to achieve. On the first Monday of the month we discuss them and we evaluate the goals that were (or were not) achieved the month before. For me personally, for example, one can be "writing 4 blog posts". By doing this, we get a good understanding of everyone's and the team's performance. It's also a great way to see who needs help with what. So, that's to answer your second question.

- Through the above process we manage ourselves. Depending on individual needs we might do more in-depth evaluations or not. No one-size-fits-all approach there.

- People set their own salaries as well. Based on their performance they can upgrade or (potentially) downgrade their salaries. We use the advice process to do so. Check out how Ellen did that here: https://corporate-rebels.com/set-your-own-salary/. Additionally, there profit sharing for all + potential dividend for shareholders. So, yes, I believe it is supports high performance (individually and as a team).

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