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*"We do not own what we produce - it owns us."*

(Hackers Manifesto, Mckenzie 2004)”

Hi all!

I need your help badly.

I am a tech entrepreneur/researcher that has spent all its energy and money on setting up an elaborate social/scientific experiment to:

Prove that we can stimulate people to want less stuff by enabling them to contribute more (to their own communities).

The hypothesis:
We aim to overturn the materialistic desires that fill people 's hearts and replace them with the desire and means to change their communities. These desires are fueled with the underestimated power of meaningful job gratification and the true human connection. By making it easier for people to use their goodwill, skills, and talent to contribute together to real solutions that have a real impact on their own communities, lives, and futures, we can change the value system of people.

The Experiment:
I designed an organizational structure that allows people 'to contribute more'. I call it the Smartup. It allows people to earn a living by working on a completely new digital toolset that empowers people to co-manage their local resources better.

We need to test out this organization. The set up is currently running and ready to start.

In essence, it's an experiment to test out a new organizational framework that could establish a new type of company that provides great, fun and meaningful jobs for all!

For an overview of the full research:

Or look around at out public trello board 0_timeline:

I would love to find people here that want to help me with this mission. So far it has been a struggle to find co-pioneers that are willing to actually try out something completely new. It is a lot to wrap your head around but I truly believe that I can find a small, hands-on, progressive, smart, woke group of people that are eager to spend their love, talent, and skills to start up the first smartup in the world and prove to the world that there are different business models than consumerism and data.
A small passage from the essay:

Through ‘transformative change’, nature can still be conserved, restored and used sustainably – this is also key to meeting most other global goals. By transformative change, we mean a fundamental, system-wide reorganization across technological, economic and social factors, including paradigms, goals and values” - Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, Global assessment, media release.

One of the biggest challenges the Global Assessment states is how to make people want LESS stuff. The population is not only growing. The consumption per capita is also rising, ergo; more people who need more stuff. More stuff means more natural resources. That is a bad situation for any effort to reduce our footprint on the planet.

We have to face the truth and understand that we can invent the most sophisticated technologies, commit to the most ambitious green deals, create effective policies and laws that reduce our poisonous effect on nature but if we, at the same time, don’t take responsibility for our own consumerism and make a real effort to change our materialistic mentality, everything that we will attempt, will be counterproductive. We have to make people want less stuff!

How you could help

I need help with the execution of the experiment.

I need people next to me that want to help me bootstrap the smartup organization. It needs verification, focus, love and dedication by a group of rebels that want to test this new method out, improving it while doing it (bootstrapping).

You can best help with that in three ways:
1. By becoming a Smartup owner and co-invent Onlive (a.k.a. Smartup Zero) with me. (best choice ;))
Buy a Smartup License @
i. Yes I ask you to work AND to invest a little bit.
ii. This is the part that needs more context I assume. Hence, the extended information below

2. By backing the project financially just for the heck of it (also great)
i.Just back the project @

3. Letting somebody know who might be interested in option 1 or 2 (equally great)
i. Send them to @
ii. Send them to @
iii. Send them to our Public Timeline Trello board @
iiii. Send them to our General Forum trello board @

If you choose number one, which i hope you do, you'll participate in the experiment. You'll be registered in the Book of Owners and get access to our digital workspace. There you'll find a very specific organizational method with very specific purpose-driven workflows that are designed on transparency, trust, efficiency and, most of all, on solving task that help us progress. Tasks you will be paid for.
Now, the complex part that should explain why I ask license money to come and help me (which must sound weird to say the least).

You have to understand that:

The idea is to create digital tools that are completely independent and autonomous. They should be tools that help people work on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, from within their own communities. And nothing more.

That means a lot of things. For sure it means that we can't have outside investments or subsidized money. The new tools have to be governed by a grassroots organization to fund itself completely. They have to be tools BY and FOR the people.

That is very hard at the beginning but if we don't make that an iron rule, we run the risk of becoming the same companies and organizations that are centralizing the Internet now. We can't become an asset for shareholders or other entities from the 'old' system.

The only way is to ask people to commit with a small amount of either 10, 50 or 150 euro through a crowdfunding site (or any amount they can miss and want to spend on the idea) and become part of an idea to help it become the best version of itself.

Most of all to form a community budget. That we need to progress the solution by solving tasks. But also to prevent hacklers and trolls to come in and just mess around.

We don't have time for that. We'll fund ourselves. We do everything ourselves. We'll own, create and govern our own technologies and, in that effort, create more trust in each other.

The logic is: if we can trust what we use (technology) and what we do (the organizations we work for), we create optimized conditions to learn and exchange ideas. Ideas we need to combine to create solutions. Solutions we need to steer away from that iceberg right in front of us (if it is still there by the time we get there)

Still, I need a founders team that wants to help bootstrap this decentral organization. That is what I'm looking for right now.

Preferably by having them come through the front door (the crowdfunding site) but of course I can still open up the backdoor by giving you a direct invite into the digital workplace. If you are interested in that just send me a PM and we'll have a chat.

In the end you can help me and other people (still a very small group) in their effort to own, create and govern a new digital tool that helps us improve our real world, your real world, the world you wake up in, every day.

In our effort, we are proving (or disproving) that we can organize ourselves differently so we can create better technology.

You help through working and/or governing. That means you'll help by spending (some of) your energy, love, talent, and goodwill on ideas that you want to see realized. If you work you'll get paid. You govern because you are part owner. It's your duty.

We need all kinds of skills, talents and goodwill. Of course, we need cash as well.

The Smartup method is an opensource organizational framework. You could test it out on your own ideas as well. That would be great. Please do so in close cooperation with me. We can share insights.

In the end, the point is, as well, to lower the threshold for people to pursue their ideas (by spreading risk and gains).
After all, we have to bring the best ideas forward. We need to optimize human ingenuity drastically to face the complex problems that are facing us. That is what we can prove. That is what we do in this experiment.

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