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Hello Rebels Everywhere,

Last week at a Buurtzorg event in London I heard Jos de Blok compare New Public Management ( to a disease because the stresses it creates have a harmful effect on the body.

This morning I found this article (which is currently free) on "Performance management in the voluntary sector – responding to complexity" (

It contains an interesting history of the failings of New Public Management and suggests ways to counteract them.

The standout quote for me is " that the people and organisations they fund are intrinsically motivated to do a good job, and that what they require is support to do this job well". I think that will resonate with Rebels everywhere.

As I don't have a business school background, I'd be interested to hear other views on New Public Management. I tend to hear about the negatives, are there positives I am missing?

Or is this really the disease we are fighting?

Take care all, Stephen

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