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Hello fellow rebels 👋🏽

I would like to harness the collective knowledge of all of us and gather a list of companies/teams that — similar to Corporate Rebels and REVOLT — are helping companies to evolve towards more fun and purpose. The Rebels do a great job but I'm sure there are many more companies that do a similar thing but are way less known.

The list is not meant to find " competitors ", in the end, we are all pulling in the same direction, right? It's much more about getting inspired.

Look forward to your contributions 🤟

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Sarah Pettinger

Sarah Pettinger

We are working with US-based coach Mack Fogelson. We are based in UK and US and we work with her remotely and she travels to us. She's got a background in org design and is a Brene Brown Dare to Lead Facilitator. Couldn't recommend her more highly

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Thanks a million for all your comments✨

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