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Dear Rebels,
Do your magic.
Which organization out there has most awesome competence and learning strategy? Either a combined or two seperate strategies...
I am to build an Academy for Learning in a huge organization where I want to place this academy on solid pillars of competence and learning.
And I wnat to learn from the best - hence you!
So please hit me, dear Rebels.

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Do you have some more information on this available? Maybe some articles on this? Curious to learn more.


I'm connected to the people responsible for the 40hour Challenge in Denmark. If you want me to connect feel free to email me at

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Hi Anders
very interesting task you have. - "Academy of Learning" - will be the key leaver for any company striving for success. One reason is the complexity of operation from globalization and digitalization, another reason is the ability to organise in a way that people want to work for you :-)
A question that comes to mind is - what is learning in your context?


Thanks for the awesome comment, Henning.
I tend to define learning as either acquisition of skills, knowledge and attitudes, and/or modification of behavior - the latter being my favourite.
But yes, I must also admit that the organization now has a somewhat understanding of learning being training - as you define. But hopefully the two will mix, as I believe both can be beneficial. We need to both exploit and explore to succeed. And it that relation I always try to remember the 70-20-10-rule.
I will definitely have to look into the hbr-article. Thanks!
And yes, culture is so keen. With the words of Peter Senge, I have to build a learning organization. An organization that sees learning in everything. So coming back to my definition of learning, it must be a culture that changes behavior.

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