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Hi all,

Out of curiosity: which ideas, practices, myths, challenges, opportunities do you want Corporate Rebels to address in any future blog posts?

What do you want us to write about? Curious to hear your thoughts!

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Okay, got it. Roadmaps give me the chills, but I'm sure we can share other valuable resources.

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Hi Pim,
Thanks for a really quick answer!
The articles you mention are the latest ones that I read and enjoyed.

Maybe I was not clear, it is more about back to basics: Imagine, you are a big traditional production-sales company spread over continents, you are born far from agile and you want to change. Stories of other companies are inspiring you. So, what now, where to start, how to decide, how to manage change... I have in mind many big organizations whose businesses are doing good-great, but they see obvious need to change due to accelerated changes in the market and vision of further growth. There are zilion of models out there. Roadmap on how to nail the one which suits the best is what might be interesting... as well as list of best practical guides, courses, books, articles - whatever you found top resources on your journey.
Hope is more clear now and makes sense...
Thanks for the effort!


I guess the first step is to not look at the company as an entity but as a group of people. And to analyze and map the personal agendas of those in charge or that have great influence.

I once was told: if something isn’t working, and hasn’t been working for a while, it’s probably working very well for somebody.

A part from generic issues regarding resistance to change, as well as those regarding lack of leadership skills, I am finding that personal agendas at the too are a huge maker or breaker of the deal.

In other words I’d look for someone (and only by consequence some company, because their leading it), that is in the right mindset to listen and enact the change.

Bottom-up can have mild results, but without top-down sponsorship, the effect you can have outside of your reach/authority is limited. At least it was in my experience in two 200.000 employee companies operating in the complexity of automotive product development.

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