[QUESTION] Can Cognitive Behavioural Psychology Inspire Bottom-Up Liberation?

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I was struck by the idea of the parallel between the psychological ailment of individuals and the issues of traditional enterprises.

Actually I see a parallel in the way we try to solve them.

I believe psychotherapy is a never ending process that ultimately doesn't solve my problems and serves the sole purpose of filling the pockets of the therapist.

Of course I am being blinded by my prejudice, that's the point I want to make!

How is that different from say... the widespread aversion to Organisational Change, Cultural Change, and the like?
Isn't it because to many they appear like expensive, time-consuming therapies with little promise of success?

When in the market for a shrink, I ultimately turned to a Short-term Cognitive Behavioural Psychologist. I quickly bought into their promise.

Instead of going witch-hunting in the depths of our psyche, they believe in a very hands-on approach that tackles our behaviours and thought patterns. They believe that those patterns can work both ways. They can be symptoms of deeper issues, or they can become tools to make those issues go away. They are two-way proxies.

I have experienced Short Term Cognitive Behavioural therapy, as well as what I think is its organisational equivalent (practical changes that modify the behaviours and inter-personal patterns within the company).

I believe the two are similarly approachable, have lower risks, encounters less resistance and have a great impact at the deeper levels we are not so keep to confront directly.

I wonder if a deeper analysis of the recent forms of psychotherapy can yield inspiration for bottom-up Corporate Rebellion?

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