Reducing carbon footprint

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The global education NGO I work for is beginning to think about how to reduce its carbon footprint. This comes mostly from flights (we're a people business and our business is helping different NGOs learn from each other through conferences, visiting other sites, flying in consultants etc). We've done a lot to increase our virtual work - which is working in some ways, but we're finding it hard to reduce/replace the travel as a result - especially when so much of what we do runs on relationships. I'd love to find examples either of NGOs or businesses where their main footprint is not based on materials/products but rather their travel where they are taking this on in a meaningful way. Additionally, I'd like to learn about how we could use offset projects to further our mission's work - but that's tough to know where to start on... offsets seem like such a minefield. So far, most of my research has yielded grand-sounding sustainability statements or very marginal action which isn't very inspiring. Any pointers or is anyone taking this on in their workplaces?

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