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What role does 'kindness' play in next-generation organisations, do you think? Have you ever worked with organisations as part of their cultural transformation to deliberately introduce more kindness into the way people behave? Is there any research on kindness in the workplace that you know of? I'd love to hear from you?

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We saw a powerful practice at Bucket List company Zingerman’s in Ann-Arbor, USA.

CEO and co-founder Ari Weinzweig explained how they use appreciation to boost kindness: “Every meeting always ends with a few minutes of appreciations. Appreciations can be of anything or anyone; in the room or not in the room; work-related or not; past, present or future. No one is required to say anything, but most people usually do.

This small systemic change has made a huge impact over the years. Think of it like ending a meal with a good cup of coffee. And because every meeting ends this way, most people return to their work world with positive feelings. Its regularity ensures we devote time and mental energy to positive recognition.”

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It’s so simple, isn’t it but the science of kindness suggests a significant and varied positive impact. I will dig further into the company. Thanks for the tip, Pim

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