What do leaders say are the drivers that led them to transform their org

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Almost all companies are still being driven by old organizational environments. I suppose the ones who have transformed became more and more dissatisfied until they decided to do something about it and either self-developed or found help to transform.

What were the top frustrations that these leaders experienced that drove them to investigate and finally make a change? What are the specific words you have heard leaders say?

Thanks for your help. Keep up the good work!

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Good question Skunda. I would argue that it were not necessarily frustrations that inspired these leaders to make a change, but rather their belief that humans are naturally good. And once you view organizations from that belief you can easily realize that the traditional way of organizing doesn't make much sense, and that it becomes time for a change.

Also, these progressive leaders seem to be either being born with this belief, or they do experience something in their life that made them start believing in it (e.g. a personal crisis caused them to reflect on their life).

Obviously this is a simplified vision - in reality there must be a plenitude of reasons why leaders decided to transform their organization for the better....

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Jorn Verweij

Jorn Verweij

From the examples of Joost and Pim's book there are least these drivers:
- Company on the brink of failure, transformation required to survive
- The realisation that the traditional practice combines poor performance with workplace frustrations
- Change of organisational purpose/change in an organisation's environment demands a different organisational structure

Regards, Jorn

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