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Everything we do at the Corporate Rebels is aimed at our mission: to make work more fun. That’s why we started this blog five years ago and continue to publish stories twice a week. But guess what? We are now much more than a blog. We publish books, conduct research, work with clients, talk at conferences, manage a foundation, and have an online academy. It’s all by design. By expanding our activities, we’ve grown our impact. And we think you should join us.

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Our most recent adventure is the Corporate Rebels Academy, which we call 'The School for Better Business.'

It’s our valiant attempt to build the ultimate tool for making work better. It’s where more people and companies learn about progressive ways of working by studying the examples of hundreds of the world’s most progressive organisations.

Attendees get access to a variety of courses. There, they learn about new ways of working and also connect with a global community of like-minded alumni.

Flagship course

This month, we started two new cohorts for our flagship course 'Understanding and designing progressive organisational structures'. We run this course twice a year; once in the spring and once in the autumn.

This is a 6-week intensive course about progressive organisations. We explore case studies of outstanding examples like: Buurtzorg, Haier, Viisi and ner Group. We have four learning formats:

  • 50+ hours of exclusive on-demand content presented in text, video, animation, and homework.
  • 5 exclusive Q&A sessions with pioneers to deep-dives into their progressive workplaces.
  • Weekly peer learning sessions for discussion and reflection with classmates around the world.
  • Weekly co-working sessions and community meet-ups with fellow rebels.

The Corporate Rebels Academy platform

The course is run on a platform we developed that gives access to materials and assignments, plus chats with fellow students. We use good old-fashioned video conferencing for the live sessions.

All students have access to the global Corporate Rebels Academy community that is ingrained into our platform. This is where they connect with colleagues around the world.

A key feature of this platform is that people learn in cohorts of no more than 20 others, combining different cultures, companies, and professional backgrounds. Because diversity of thought and experience matters.

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Our Academy community includes people from all over the world (check the image above), and from all kinds of industries, including government, health care, consulting, and companies as diverse as Gucci, SAP, Severstal & Baker Hughes.

Moverover, in the Academy community you can connect with us! Plus, people from progressive organizations like Buurtzorg, Haier, Viisi, ner Group, VkusVill, and more.


Over the summer, people asked us if they could run our 6-week flagship course in slightly different ways.

There were two central questions:

  • As a team member/leader, can I run the course with my team?
  • As a consultant/advisor, can I run the course with my own clients?

Let me answer them both.

Can I run the 6-week course with our own team?

Yes, as a team member (or leader) you can run the 6-week course with your own team. For this purpose, we run cohorts exclusively for specific teams or organisations.

Some teams prefer to learn together. It also helps them to apply the lessons learned, together. Which definitely makes sense.

Can I run the 6-week course with my own clients?

Yes, as a consultant (or advisor) you can run the 6-week course with your own clients. For this purpose, we also create exclusive cohorts. This helps you to use our platform and content, and to translate the lessons from the world’s pioneers firms to your client’s organisation.

Interested? You should be.

Ally with us in making the workplace a place that doesn’t suck. If you are interested in joining the cause and running the 6 weeks course with your team or clients, just drop us a line at info@corporate-rebels.com.

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