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We're getting ready to launch the first cohort of students for the Corporate Rebels Academy, and we have exciting new content to share. Today is the first post in a series of videos on the world's most pioneering organizations. First up? Haier.

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The Haier Model: Rendanheyi, Microenterprises, Microcommunities and Ecosystems. Their unique way of working is surrounded by all kinds of what can be complicated language. It takes time and effort to truly understand how this company works.

Luckily, we've collaborated with Haier for years. We now have an in-depth understanding of their unique approach to work.

Corporate Rebels Academy

In our Academy, Haier is one of the pioneering case studies. We will explore in detail how the company works and what other organizations can learn from their 'Rendanheyi' model.

During the course, you will learn about workplace pioneers via videos, interviews, ebooks, assignments, and live Q&A sessions with pioneers. We also share video animations to explain complex things simply.

Here’s a sneak peek: a video animation on Haier's way of working today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Glad to hear it helped in explaining things, Henry.

Your questions doesn't have one simple answer, but let me try.

On the one hand there is another element at play at Haier: internal platforms. You can see these as lots of microenterprises that are working on similar products (i.e. 'washing' or 'audio & visual'). These platforms have the ability to invest in ideas or microenterprises with money, resources, etc. You can see the leaders of these platforms as venture capitalists.

Alternatively microenterprises can pitch ideas to other microenterprises and ask for investments from those interested to join the collaboration. Similar to small companies jointly investing in a new project/product/service.
Also, there's the opportunity for individuals to invest money in new ideas and projects. In return, they'll be rewarded if the idea becomes a success.

And to add another option: crowdfunding. Haier has access to a huge customer base through various platforms (i.e. internet forums and social media). As part of their 'zero distance to customer' they try to work with customers in designing new products or product improvements. Microenterprises can test their ideas through crowdfunding. If sufficient customers are willing to fund they have the resources to put their ideas into practice.

Hope that helps a bit. More on all this is detailed in our soon-to-be-published book on Haier. Subscribe here to get a notification when it's published:

Fascinating. Best explanation of Haier's approach that i've seen.

I'm interested in how the microenterprise "pitched its idea";

Who to, and on what basis do they decide what to approve? Do they provide funding?

love to know


Henry Stewart

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