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It’s time for the third animation on organizations featured in the Corporate Rebels Academy. Earlier we released animations on Haier and Buurtzorg. Now, it’s Viisi - the self-managing mortgage advice company.

Viisi was the first financial services company to implement 100% self-organization. They built their reputation on their unique philosophy: ‘People First, Customers Second, Shareholders Last’.

Corporate Rebels Academy

Viisi is a case study in our 6-week course, "Understanding and designing progressive organization structures". With Viisi, we've developed unique content for Academy students. An example is an animated video on their way of working.

Here’s a sneak preview. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Joanna Adams

Joanna Adams

Interesting approach and beautifully animated. Thanks for sharing!

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It is a really interesting organisation, thanks for the great explanation video.

I wonder how the company handles if one team member does not add enough value anymore. We try to work very self organised, too, and hiring new team members are decided by the team. Nevertheless, letting go of someone is a very tough decisions and teams don't want to do that and leave this to the management. What is your experience?

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