And We're Off! Six Weeks Of Building Better Workplaces In Australia And New Zealand

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We just arrive at Amsterdam Airport where it currently is a few degrees Celsius below zero. We're about to escape the cold and fly off to another amazing Corporate Rebels adventure. Our backpacks are filled with summer clothes and sunscreen while our minds are filled with excitement and curiosity.

In 24 hours we'll be in Brisbane, Australia. It is the start of a six week trip through Australia and New Zealand. Our focus? Supporting organizations in transformation. And to catch up with, and learn from, some exciting Bucket List pioneers.

Changing the way Australia works

Six months ago we spend three weeks in Australia for a series of Rebel Events and conference talks. We got in touch with hundreds of people and dozens of organizations who were looking for ways to create better workplaces. After the series of events we sensed a big appetite for new ways of working.

The "Rebel fever" spread so rapidly that we are now going back. The trip will be filled with client engagements, Bucket List visits, and exploration of both these beautiful two countries.

To give you an insight into what such a Corporate Rebels trip looks like, we'll share our agenda for the weeks to come. Here it is:


  • 2-5 March: Surf Gold Coast waves to recover from 10 hour time difference! Interspersed with blogging.
  • 6 March: Present at a conference;
  • 7 March: Fly Brisbane to Sydney.


  • 9 March: Full day in-company workshop at NDS;
  • 10 March: Sail around Sydney with our friend and editor Ken Everett;
  • 11 March: Fly Sydney to Melbourne;


  • 13 March: Full day in-company workshop at NDS;
  • 14 March: Half-day in-company workshop;
  • 15 March: Rebel Event in Melbourne;
  • 16 March: Fly Melbourne to Perth;


  • 17-18 March: Kite surfing, Perth;
  • 19 March: Half-day workshop in collaboration with Conscious Capitalism;
  • 20 March: Full day in-company workshop at NDS;
  • 21 March: Full day in-company workshop;
  • 22 March: Full day in-company workshop;
  • 24 March: Fly Perth to Melbourne;


  • 25 March: Watch Australian Formula 1 race, and (of course) cheer for Max Verstappen;
  • 26 March: Half day in-company workshop;
  • 27 March: Fly Melbourne to New Zealand;


  • 28 March: Visit Community Law Wellington and Hutt Valley
  • 29 March: Visit Bucket List organization Enspiral;
  • 30 March-7 April: Writing for the book;
  • 1 April: Drive Wellington to Auckland;


  • 2-4 April: Visit Bucket List organization Fisher Paykel;
  • 8 April: Fly Auckland to Amsterdam;


  • Arrival in Amsterdam and enjoy a good night's sleep in our own beds!

Securing the Rebel Base

While two of us are growing the movement in Australia and New Zealand, the rest of the team will be working hard in Europe, where exciting things are happening.

Rebel Base

Next Monday we move into our new office, the Rebel Base, in Utrecht. It is based in a new, cool, start-up hub. After furnishing, this will be our base for coordinating the growth and impact of the Corporate Rebels.

Corporate rebellion

The coming weeks are full of client engagements in and near Holland. We’ll take part in the opening of a new start-up hub (./ Utrecht) together with start-up ambassador Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.

Plus, we’ll present our work at a CEO conference in Milano—to kick-off the Italian Rebellion for better work. Plus, in Germany and Holland, we’re discussing potential collaborations with some big corporations to help them build better workplaces.

In short: there is plenty to be excited about!


And more exciting news is in the pipeline. We’re working on some major new developments. More soon ;)!

Practice what you preach

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The beauty of the work we do is that it allows us to learn, to share, and to be inspired all over the world. We combine our love of travel with our love of the work we do. And of course, when you get to visit places like Australia and New Zealand, you need to make time to enjoy the natural beauty on offer!

So, to “practice what we preach”, we’re off on a great adventure combining blogging, speaking, writing, and client work, along with surfing, sailing, and Formula1!

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