Corporate Rebels - The Official Book Trailer (+ 1,000 Giveaways!)

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In just 42 days (!) the Corporate Rebels book is to be published (on 02-02-2020). Today, we launch the official book trailer. Plus, 1,000 people get exclusive early access to the book's content.

We have worked hard on it for 3 years now! We spent a shitload of time writing, rewriting, cutting, editing, adding and refining. And after all the work, we are extremely proud of the result.

On 02-02-2020 it is to be published in English in eBook and paperback formats, to be followed quickly by the Dutch version, and a big campaign in the Netherlands (in collaboration with publishing house  Atlas). Other languages will follow soon after.

Official Book Trailer

In preparation for the launch, we hereby launch the official Corporate Rebels Book trailer. Crank up the sound!

This awesome video was made in collaboration with the production company MG Productions and audio producers Soundsright. Big thanks to all of you!

1,000 free copies


We will give away 1,000 (!) advance copies of the book (in PDF format). If you want exclusive early access, here is what to do:

1. Comment on YouTube

We want to spread the word of our book far beyond the tens of thousands of visitors to this blog. Comments on YouTube are hugely helpful. That is why—for a change—we won't ask you to share your comments below this post.

Instead, go to the video on YouTube and drop your comment below it. This will help a lot to spread the word!

2. Share this blog post

Share this post as much as you can using hashtag #CorporateRebels. To make it easy, we list links to the following platforms:

Just click and let the sharing begin!

3. Register here

Drop your name and email address in the form below. We will select 1,000 advance readers from this list.


Stay tuned for more

Plus, many more cool promotions are planned. So, stay tuned!

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