Corporate Rebellion: We're Back!

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For the first time in years we didn’t write to you for two straight weeks. This prompted messages from worried readers who were missing their Thursday and Sunday morning ritual: their regular shot of rebellion.

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But as you have now noticed, we’re back! To compensate for the silence, this post contains an extra shot of corporate rebellion. We serve up some of our most controversial posts so far.

Rebellion Down Under

Wondering where we were the last few weeks?

We spent three weeks travelling around Australia for a schedule packed with Rebel Events. It has been amazing to see the amount of interest in new ways of working in Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.

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Taking off the gloves

So, to get everyone back into a state of rebellion, here are some of our most controversial posts to date. This will get you out of your holiday calm and into making work more fun.

Bursting The Bubble: Teal Ain't Real

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"Once in a while we feel the need to write about an uncomfortable feeling that's been niggling us. This post is one. It expresses a discomfort we have about so-called 'teal organizations'.

The feeling has grown just as rapidly as have the sales of the highly influential book by Frederic Laloux, "Reinventing Organizations". And the feeling stems from its dogmatic interpretation by some readers."

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Cut The Crap: The Made-Up Nonsense About Generations At Work

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"The moment we started our search people started to bombard us with questions about how the generational differences influence the creation of a great place to work. Typically, it doesn’t take long before we hear the various stereotypes and prejudices; from the laziness of ‘Gen Xers’ to the unwillingness to change of ‘baby boomers’ and the narcissism of ‘millennials’.

The most striking of such claims: the lack of proper evidence."

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Leaders: Give Up Your Status Symbols And Destroy The Ivory Tower

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"Today’s workplaces are filled with dreadful leftovers from the era of the industrial revolution. To name but a few: the time clocks to control how many hours we spend at work each day, the separation of thinking (by the ‘top’ of the pyramid) and doing (by the ‘bottom’ of the pyramid) and the fact that the people with the most decision making power are often the farthest away from the actual work.

But arguably the most painful leftovers are the plenitude of privileges and status symbols that reflect the current inequality in the workplace. Just think about the parking spots especially reserved for directors and the luxurious corner offices."

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If it matters, it produces controversy

We're back. Get ready, fuel up. Normal blogging to resume.

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