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This is one of the shortest posts in Corporate Rebels history. But it has important news. After working on it for months, we now reveal the fruits of our labours. Check. This. Out.

Today we share the brand-new website of the Corporate Rebels Academy.

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  • 5 months ago, we announced the Academy. The response blew us away. 1,000+ workplace rebels from around the world subscribed.
  • 3 months later we invited students to join the first course, starting in May. It sold out in no-time.
  • The response was so great we announced another cohort in May. This sold out too!
  • A third cohort is starting in September. There are just a few spots left.

Check this out

We're extremely proud to share the brand-new website today. Check it out at and let us know what you think.

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Replies (4)

BD Marks

BD Marks


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Peter Bodde

Peter Bodde


This could be a game changer!

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Sandra Verbroecke

Sandra Verbroecke

Congratulations, the website looks stunning. Way to go Rebels! I look forward to join soon

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Donna dibbert

Donna dibbert

Brilliant. It’s easy to navigate and clear what you are doing
Great work

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