The Corporate Rebels In Oslo, Stockholm, And Amsterdam

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The way we work is broken. And it needs fixing. A hell of a lot of fixing...

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"It's great to finally meet people who are just as crazy as I am about changing the way we work."

"You guys are able to break down such a complex topic into simple and understandable concepts."

"Today has given me a truly in-depth understanding of how some of the world's most progressive organizations work."

These are typical examples of the motivating feedback we got from last week's Rebel Event in Milan. It's exactly what these one-day workshops are all about.

Make work more fun

In Milan, 50 rebels from all kinds of organizations got together for our most recent Rebel Event. There were representatives from many countries and a variety of businesses. All joined forces to rethink the way organizations work. The main question of the day? How to make work more fun?

Joost and Pim shared case studies of the pioneering organizations they have visited over the past 4 years. They talked about the transformational approaches that had successfully abolished outdated command-and-control ways of working. People shared their challenges, and we discussed potential solutions.

In short: a day full of workplace rebellion with 50 like-minded individuals.

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Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam

I have the cool job at Corporate Rebels of organizing Rebel Events around the globe. As part of that tour we will soon visit:

In close collaboration with local partners like co-working company Spaces and Bucket List pioneer Centigo, I have been working hard to organize these events.

The agenda for the day looks like this:

  • The 8 trends of progressive workplaces
  • How global pioneers break with traditional ways of working
  • In-depth case studies of several pioneering organizations
  • Working with the Corporate Rebels Canvas to redesign your organization
  • Transformation approaches of organizations that have successfully moved from traditional to progressive
  • Connecting with fellow rebels to share experiences and learn from each other

Get your tickets

For all three of these events we have sold enough tickets to confirm they will take place. If you are ready to join us, make sure you get your hands on some of the remaining tickets.

Right now, I am planning a new series of Rebel Events for 2020.

What cities should we add to our list? Drop your suggestions in the comments below?

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