Corporate Rebels Shortlisted For The Thinkers50 RADAR Award

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We have great news. The prestigious Thinkers50 have announced we’ve been nominated for a distinguished achievement award, also known as The Oscars of Management Thinking!

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Specifically, we are on the short-list for the 2019 RADAR Award, which celebrates “the best up-and-coming new thinkers”. It is a fantastic honour to be named amongst the world’s most influential management thinkers.

A massive thanks

We thank those of you who nominated us. Your support on social media has been mind-blowing.

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We are enormously grateful to all of you for your support on this journey. This includes our colleagues at Rebel Events. Finally, there are the rebels who put the lessons we’ve learned into practice, and change their workplaces for the better.

To all of you, we give our thanks. We’d be nowhere without you.

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An impressive list

For this year’s Award Gala, the list of fellow nominees is impressive to say the least. Several other have inspired us – and many we’ve interviewed in our Bucket List research, including:

The impressive list goes on and on. Check out the full list of award nominees here.

Thinkers50 award gala

The Award Gala will take place on November 18th. Then we’ll know if we’ve won the award. Until then, there’s one more favour we’d like to ask. During the Awards, Thinkers50 will also announce their ranking of the top 50 “most influential management thinkers”.

For those of you who support our work and would like to see its impact grow around the globe, we’d like to ask you to nominate us for that list. That would be another important boost for the Corporate Rebels movement. You can nominate us through this link.

Thanks for your support to date, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress!