The Corporate Rebels Survey: The Perfect Starting Point To Make Work More Fun

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From our research and visits to some of the world's most progressive organizations, we've distilled 8 trends that set them apart from traditional organizations. When we write about these trends we explicitly mention that these trends are not a one-size-fits-all solution. No organizations should focus on implementing all 8 trends.

Instead, they should listen to their employees and use the 8 trends as tool for a proper dialogue. Together they should figure out what are the most important trends for their organization, and then prioritize transformation efforts accordingly. Therefore, at Corporate Rebels we've developed a tool to quickly gain insights into how progressive an organization actually is, and (even more important) what specific trends to focus on when transforming into a highly inspiring workplace.

Corporate Rebels Survey

We’ve been working together with Dutch market research firm, Markteffect, to develop a new tool. We took the lessons we have learned from visiting workplace pioneers around the world and turned it into a survey. This tool helps organizations to gain powerful insight into their progressiveness.

As a start, we spent some months researching the progressiveness of the Dutch labor market. We did this by asking employees to rate their organization on our 8 trends. They rated both the current and desired states regarding these trends. The results of this study will be published soon on both our blog and in national newspapers.

Frequently made mistake

So, why do we believe it is so important to involve employees in organizational transformations? As described in this and earlier blog posts, a common mistake is to overlook employee input into transformation efforts. An organization might try to become more engaging and fun, but how can they do this without asking employees how to do this? It’s like developing a new product or service without involving customers.

The chances of success, as you might imagine, are rather limited. No wonder so many organizational transformations fail.

Ask employees what they desire

To build an inspiring workplace, the crucial first step is finding out what employees desire. This is common in all the companies we have seen successfully transform the workplace. They simply ask employees what they want, and what can be improved.

It is because this crucial step is often overlooked that we’ve created the Corporate Rebels Survey. It measures the current and desired states on the 8 trends of progressive workplaces.

What does the survey measure?

Most of all, because the survey is completed by employees, it gives their insight on each of the following factors;

1. Employee satisfaction and employee engagement

The survey provides valuable data on satisfaction and engagement. And beyond the numbers, it also provides insight into why employees are (dis)satisfied and/or (dis)engaged.

2. Employee net promotor score

A “Net Promotor Score” (NPS) for employees is calculated from the survey. This is a simple instrument that measures loyalty, and the chances that employees will recommend their employer to others. It is measured on both organizational and team levels. The employee NPS shows the current opinions of employees about the organization and their teams.

3. Progressiveness of the organization

The Corporate Rebels Survey also measures the progressiveness of the organization. And this is probably the most important measure. It is derived from two crucial pieces of data about the 8 trends of highly inspiring workplaces: (1) the current state of the organization, and (2) the desired state of employees on each of the 8 trends. The current state reveals the existing perception of employees on the 8 trends. We’ve learned that these are often very different from those of senior management—and therefore even more valuable. The desired state reveals what employees want the organization to become. Do they want a stronger focus on purpose and values? Do they prefer the organization to become more transparent? Here’s an example (of the Dutch labor market) for the trend supportive leadership and the outcome it generates:

article photo

The results

Organizations can use the survey results to easily prioritize their transformation efforts. Not only does it reveal satisfaction and engagement levels but, more importantly, it provides insights into the difference between the current and desired states of organizational progressiveness

With this information, employees can be consulted and involved from the first crucial steps. And more detailed discussions should ensure more active support for change (as, for example, in this blog post).

For whom?

The survey is meant for organizations wanting to increase employee engagement. But, more importantly, it is meant for organizations looking at HOW to build a more inspiring workplace. What trends should we focus on? What are the biggest current frustrations? How can we overcome them?

The survey can also be used by consultants and advisers who want insights into the their client organizations. For example, we’ve been working with an Italian consulting firm and one of their clients to understand the challenges and opportunities of that particular organization.

So, we use the survey in our consultancy work. It gives us a great starting point for transformation efforts to make work more fun.

Start the transformation

If you're interested to use the Corporate Rebels Survey in your organization (or client organization), please send us your name and email by completing the form below. In turn we'll send you more details and information on the survey, pricing, and possible next steps.

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For more information on our other services (talks, workshops, consultancy), drop us a line at


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Hi there what will you do with the answers from the NPS? My experience with it is not good. Managers will get new targets to get a better NPS. Employees do not rate above 8 because they think everything to improve is not their task but a managers task. Just ask daily/weekly in small retro's or moments for feedback. Continious improvement and ask everyone what they can do to help the change.

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Corporate Rebels

Corporate Rebels

Hi Anne,

Fully agree that asking on a regular basis should be done for the NPS to live up to its full potential. The regular outcomes should foster discussions to improve. The survey is a starting point for doing this and for a baseline measurement of various scores.


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Corporate Rebels

Corporate Rebels

Check for example how this company used it in their transformation:

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Hi Anne - I have similar issues with NPS, and believe there are better measures to use for pulse survey situations.

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