The Corporate Rebels Movement Is Going Down Under!

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Off we go again! Last year we already made a few big trips across the pond but now we are about to embark on the furthest trip this Corporate Rebels adventure has ever brought us. Because this time we will be literally travelling to the other side of the world. We are about to fly our for yet another amazing trip, this time to Australia!

Most of our previous trips were primarily focused on visiting progressive organizations and meeting people from our Bucket List. In the meantime we met over 60 of world's most inspiring workplace pioneers, learned loads, shared all our lessons with you (and the rest of the world) and slowly built up the global Corporate Rebels movement.

But this trip Down Under will be different. The primary focus of this particular trip will be to further strengthen the movement to make work more fun. After organizing Rebel Events around Europe (Eindhoven, Berlin, London, Utrecht) we are now spending the upcoming month in Australia to meet up with fellow rebels from this continent.

Our itinerary

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As could be expected, our first stop will be Sydney. After our arrival we allow ourselves two days to discover the city and fight off the inevitable jetlag. The Opera House, the Rocks, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Bondi Beach are all on our list. Thereafter our first Down Under Rebel Event will take place in Sydney.

On the 18th of August we meet up with the first bunch of Australian Rebels. We will be joining forces to learn, share, and connect. All with our shared purpose to make work more fun in mind. If you are around and keen to join the Sydney Rebel Event, this is your lucky day! There are still a few tickets left so get yours here!

After enjoying the city life in Sydney, we're heading out into nature during our three day journey from Sydney to Melbourne. Our rental jeep will take us along the coastal drive to enjoy some of Australia's most beautiful landscapes and hopefully we will be lucky enough to spot some kangaroos and whales on our way. During this journey we will have plenty of time to reflect on the first Australian Rebel Event and time to get ready for the next one in Melbourne.

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The second Australian destination of the Rebel Tour will be Melbourne, the home of some of the best coffee and street art in the world. The already sold-out event will be held on August 22 at the local offices of Sportsbet and will once again bring together a wide variety of Australian fellow rebels.

As usual our Melbourne event will be focused on meeting like-minded people and to share our discoveries of the world’s most inspiring workplaces. From our 8 trends to best practices, and from the most useful tools to the most powerful transformation stories. We will share it all.

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After spending some time in Melbourne we will be flying up north to our last mainland destination in Australia. Our third and last Rebel Event will be organized in Australia's river city Brisbane, or as they called it themselves 'Australia's new World City'. This Rebel Event will be held on August 25 and there are still some tickets left. So if you fancy one, make sure you get your hands on tickets here.

Soon after our event in Brisbane we will fly out even more north to what is easily the most amazing "work location" we could ever imagine to work from: Hamilton Island!

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is one of the Whitsunday Islands, which is basically an entire archipelago of tropical islands located close to the Great Barrier Reef. We'll be travelling to Hamilton Island because it's here that we'll be providing owners of Australian family businesses with a masterclass on corporate rebellion. Our masterclass titled "How to build a workplace people love" will kick off a 3-day conference on, to the best of our knowledge, the best masterclass location ever!

As you can imagine we will be staying on the island for a few days before we head home again. To work, to dive, to snorkel and to relax...

A Rebel Event in your own city?

The Rebel Tour is organized in close collaboration with enthusiastic locals. If you’d like to add your city to the list and help us in making it a success, please contact us and let’s make it work!

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