The Dutch Corporate Rebels Book is in Stores Now! (And One More Thing)

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This is a proud moment for us: today we publish "Corporate Rebels - Make work more fun" in our home country. The Dutch version is available now!

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It took about three years to write the book. When, in 2017, we signed a book deal with publisher Business Contact, it was only a year after starting Corporate Rebels.

Publication time

Since we published the English version, reviews on social media and beyond have been amazing. On both Amazon and Goodreads, ratings are 4.6 out of 5. Plus, we topped Amazon's bestseller charts in various countries!

Now, we're proud to the lessons we learned from progressive workplaces in Dutch too.

Purchase your copy through the links below:

If you prefer the English version of the book, you can order here through our new book website. Check it out. Click here.

Change in the plan

As the entire book launch week has been canceled due to the Corona virus, we're going to run a short and sweet Q&A video series instead.

It's very simple:

  • Drop your question in the comments below ?;
  • Follow our Instagram account;
  • During the week, we'll post our answers through Instagram stories.

We're open to questions on anything. From book publishing to blogging, and from researching to running our company.

The most fun question is rewarded with a free book. So, bring in those rebellious questions ???!

Review, review, review

If you are one of the thousands who has already read the book, can you help by leaving a review? This will help other readers to find the book and learn about its content.

Go to your favourite store, whatever it might be: Amazon,, Barnes&Noble, BookDepository, etc.) and leave a review. Let’s be clear: we are not begging for positive reviews. We want honest ones.

Your support is - as always - much appreciated!

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For now, you can get the book in English or Dutch). Stay tuned for German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Chinese!

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